Tips For Moving With A Newborn Or While Pregnant

Moving to a new place with a newborn or while being pregnant may not seem to be an ideal time but there are many women who do it. During this phase, you may feel that you are tired, have backaches and swollen ankles. Moving can be less exhausting as long as you plan your move thoughtfully. Here are some tips that you can consider to ensure a safe and smooth move and keep your stress level to a minimum.

Remember to plan ahead

The last thing you would ever want to do right after the move is to search for a baby sitter or a nanny. You must line up with someone reliable who would be there to assist you in case the baby arrives early. Waiting for the last minute decisions will make you feel stressed and rushed. Having the right baby sitter or nanny is a big decision and you certainly need time to call references and to interview as well. It becomes even more important if you are already shifting with a newborn.

Find a new OB or family doctor

It is important that you enjoy each and every moment of your pregnancy. If you are taking parental yoga, you would feel bad if you leave it just because you had to move. You can continue to enjoy this practice if you have surveyed your new area. This way, you will be able to keep yourself healthy, stress-free and positive. In case you are moving long distance, you must find a good OB or a family doctor well in advance. Your current doctor may refer you to someone but you must talk to a few in your new location first and then choose the best one without any rush.

Changing your address

Do remember to get your address changed a week before your moving date. Otherwise, you would be missing some important documents arriving via mail like hospital documents and social security. You may also be expecting cards and gifts from your friends and family which you would otherwise miss. Remember that magazine subscriptions need to be changed individually as they are not forwarded. Therefore, if you have subscribed to some parental magazines, make sure you tell them about the change in address well in advance.

Prepare supplies for your newborn

For those who are moving with a newborn baby, it’s important to prepare supplies such as the milk bottles for your newborn in advance. It’s unlikely that you have time on moving day to do a lot for your newborn so if you get the supplies in advance, it will not be hard to cope on the big day.

Using reliable movers

There are a number of moving companies in Milwaukee that would be willing to assist you in your shifting. Choosing the right one is important because reliable movers will make the moving happen seamlessly so that you do not have to experience too much stress. You are about to start a new chapter in your life and you would not want any unpleasant incident. Look for the companies on internet and read their reviews. There is no harm is asking for references. Take time out and call these companies and see which one suits your requirements and budget the most.