4 Items That Often Get Misplaced During Moving

Moving to a new place always comes along with mixed feelings. On one hand you can barely wait to explore your new neighborhood. On the other, you’re in a dilemma, not sure whether you really should move and face the uncertain. Most people choose the latter challenge in the name of adventure or necessity. It’s always good and fun until one realizes that there are some small yet important items missing. This happens all the time when people move. It’s always frustrating and sometimes annoying.

Fortunately, there are easy and practical steps one can take into account to prevent misplacing small yet valuable items. Read on to learn more about items that get misplaced the most when people move and the preventive measures you can take to ensure nothing gets lost at the time.


Socks get lost all the time. You sleep wearing a pair but wake up with just a sock. But that’s normal. What’s not normal is packing your pairs of socks just before moving to a new house and still ending up with missing socks. Who takes them? No one really. To avoid such setbacks, roll your socks into balls then tuck them in your shoes. Then pack your shoes in shoe boxes.

Nail clippers

You won’t even notice or realize you have lost your nail clippers until you need them. A month goes by and you suddenly need to trim your nails. But you just can’t find your clippers. You also can’t find your nail file or your nail polish if you are a lady. That can be frustrating of course. There is an easy way to prevent your nail clipper and other nail essentials from getting lost as you move. Use your nail clipper as a key holder. Use it to hold your car keys, so you can keep an eye on it. As for the other nail beauty essentials, pack them together in a zip lock bag. The Ziploc bag as you will later find out, is always a must have when moving.


It seems like headphones always have a certain lifespan before they vanish as you move to a new place or even before you do. It’s not just headphones in the gadget world that easily vanish like that. Small electronic gadgets like your phone charger or music system cables can also get lost as you move. Again here, you have to befriend the Ziploc bag. Be sure to put each cable in a different bag or at least label each electronic cable with a sticker.

Your wallet

This may sound strange to many but it happens! You focus on all other important items and forget about your wallet. Reputable movers in Waukesha will give you your wallet if they come across it while packing your valuables. But why take the risk while you can prevent it in the first place? Keep your wallet in a safe place before you move, and avoid holding it in your hands around the house as you pack and unpack your home essentials.