Helpful Tips For Protecting Your Furniture During The Move

Packing and transporting furniture can be a tricky task especially if you are really concerned about safety. Moe often than not, furniture easily gets damaged in the process of moving when people fail to take the right steps during package. There is nothing as good as arriving in your new home with great furniture that has been hardly damaged. Therefore, you need some helpful tips and ideas to ensure furniture safety whether you moving locally or moving over a long distance.

Clean your furniture first

The first thing to do before packing is thoroughly cleaning and dusting the furniture. This is because dust and other form of debris easily scratch the furniture surface during moving and results in unwanted damage. Cleaning the furniture not only helps to avoid these damages but also reduces the cleaning work when you arrive at your new home. You can also spare a few minutes to move around the house gathering all casters, knobs and pulls from furniture to pack them in one box.

Separating the furniture

If it is necessary, go ahead and dismantle the furniture. This will help make the load easier to carry. This applies to tables and chairs that have removable legs. Bed frames are usually no exception and should be completely torn apart. Gather all the cushions of the sofa in one place leaving the sofa set free. This will essentially make your home furniture easy to move into the truck. In addition, it will reduce damages that occur when you brush furniture against the doors and walls and make packing in the truck easy.

Use wrappings

You are definitely going to require plastic sheets when moving in Milwaukee as they are the best option for wrapping furniture. You need to wrap everything. The wrappings are ideal for protecting very delicate wood pieces that you really treasure. Find special plastic wrappings for furniture that are ideally designed to offer maximum protection to upholstered items. If you run out of plastic wrappings, you can settle for old blankets, which make a good cover. Wrappings generally help to protect your furniture from damages that occur during transit.

Furniture placement in the truck

The place where you put your furniture inside the moving truck matters a lot. You need to find spots that will not expose your furniture to damages. Therefore, you should take your time to plan for packing space so you can make things easy for you and the movers. There should be order in the way you arrange square furniture, upholstered items and other essential furniture.

Furniture items are usually valuable and the last thing you would want when moving is damage to them. Luckily, most of the damages that occur to furniture during moving are avoidable. As a review, here’s what you need to know. Cleaning the furniture thoroughly helps get rid of dust and debris that may scratch the furniture surface. Separating furniture makes it easy to move furniture safely to the moving truck without brushing them against the walls. Wrappings keep the furniture intact during transit and placement of furniture in the moving truck helps to minimize damages. All in all, these are really easy things you can do to keep your furniture safe during moving.