Moving Tips

This complete Moving Checklist was designed to help you stay on track for your all important day. We advise that you print it and keep it readily available throughout your entire move.Please print for reference.

Throw out anything that you do not need or will not be taking with you.
Create a spreadsheet of items you are bringing with you on moving day.
Determine the replacement value for all belongings, in case anything gets broken or misplaced.
Buy moving supplies and material you will need. Make a list of items you need before you go shopping.
Fill on all the necessary change of address forms and leave your new address with neighbours in case mail is still being directed to your old address.
If you’re moving out of state, find out information regarding auto licensing and insurance.
Apply for an address change on your driver’s license and health card.
Inform your kids’ schools and have them send records to your children’s new schools.
1-2 months before move:

Pay all fines and return all library books and borrowed items.
Disconnect all gas, electric and other utilities.
Arrange to connect utilities at your new home.
Hold a garage sale or donate unneeded belongings to charity.
Start compiling medical, dental, shot and prescription records.
Ask family physician/doctors for referrals.
Start packing items you do not use often and clearly label each box. Use spreadsheet to collect data information
Find a place to dispose of chemicals. We cannot transport propane tanks (BBQs, camping gear), aerosols, flammable liquids etc.
1 to 2 weeks before move

Make alternative arrangements to move plants and animals
Figure out what you’re bringing with you personally
Have all “installed items” you are taking bringing with you detached.
Pack a suitcase all essentials you need upon arrival
The day before Moving Day

Remove curtains and curtain rods off the walls.
Empty out and clean your fridge. It takes approximately 24 hours to air dry.
Clean your stove top.
Continue packing your personal belonging.
Most Important: Get enough sleep!
Moving Day

Place all important keys in one safe place.
Take off all linens from beds. We will take apart the beds ourselves.
Ensure that you’re at home when the movers get there. You’ll need to approve the inventory.
Follow the crew manager around as he/she does inventory.
Make sure everything is ready for the move and most importantly nothing is left behind.
Give the driver the exact delivery address and the best phone number to reach you at.
Corroborate the anticipated delivery time with the driver.
Check every room before the truck leaves your old residence.
Leave your new address for new residents