Six Types Of Boxes That Will Come In Useful For Packing And Moving

Moving a house poses its unique challenges. Among other things, the biggest challenge people face is packing their stuff. Packing your belongings becomes especially difficult if one has young children, pets or has lots of sensitive electronics and tech items. Actually, packing doesn’t need to be such a big headache and can be done quite effortlessly if you know some hacks and tricks.

For example, professional movers in Waukesh provide their clients with special moving cartons and boxes, with varying sizes and shapes- designed to suit and fit a variety of items from the house. Even if one isn’t using a professional mover, one can buy these boxes off of the market by following the guidelines given below.

Once you understand the types of boxes and their specific uses, things will surely get easier. Listed below are six common type of moving boxes for you to check out:

Kitchen box

A kitchen box is usually a strong corrugated box carton with cellular dividers to keep the china, glass, crystal or porcelain dishes from bumping into each other and breaking or chipping. The carton itself will have to be double-wall construction with a heavy base.

Medium box

A medium box is just the right size for heavy items, mainly books or media. The size is easy to manage and can hold up to 1.75 cubic feet of things. It is a good idea to fill these boxes with heavy items only, since the size of the box will limit the total weight. It is better to use two or three medium sized boxed for books than one large box.

Large box

A large box can hold up to 3.5 cubic feet of household items. These boxes are ideal for small appliances, canned food, jars, pots and pans, toys, gadgets and other such daily use bulky household things. However do not fill this box with books as once may tempted to do. If you do so, the box will become too heavy and the base may give in under all that weight.

Extra large box

These jumbo sized boxes are designed to hold jumbo size things, like lampshades, that are otherwise not fitting into any other box but still need packing. These can also be used for linen, curtains, comforters, throw pillows, floor cushions and small light furniture like step stools or jewelry boxes. Some small furniture, like tea trolley, night stands or corner tables, that come in flat pack can also be unassembled and packed in extra large boxes to save cost of transporting furniture.

Picture box

A picture box is a telescoping carton designed to accommodate any framed picture or mirror. These are used mainly for transporting family photos, kid’s posters, and other prized art work. Remember to write “fragile” on the outside of the picture box so that extra care and caution will be exercised when moving such a box.

Wardrobe box

A wardrobe box is a huge life-size box installed with a metal hanger bar. The idea is to transfer your entire wardrobe from your room into the box and later transferred back into the new wardrobe. This reduces the unnecessary folding and unfolding of clothes for the move. Plus, it save any re-ironing and can make your move easier.