Moving When The Weather Is Unfriendly?

It’s moving day finally – the day you’ve waited for a long time to mark a new milestone in your life. Your valuables are packed, the lorry is waiting and like a good neighbor, you have already said goodbye to your neighbors. But despite your prayers for a calm day, the weather forecast is coming true by the minute. A storm is brewing, the clouds are gathering and you can feel the wind already. You just can’t help but worry about ruined furniture and soaked boxes. But like you are about to find out, moving in inclement weather conditions doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Take into account the following tips:

Protect your valuables

The sight of snow clouds or rain might make you worry a lot the future of your boxes. You don’t have to worry though because cardboard is actually more durable than most people think. With that in mind, makes sure that your boxed are tightly sealed with packing tape. For loose items like clothes however, use nylon papers to cover them. You can alternatively fold them neatly and keep them inside moving boxes.

Buy moving essentials

Most self-moving companies sell or rent mattress pads as well as industrial plastic covers to make moving in Milwaukee easy. But if for one reason or another you cannot make it to the convenience store or you simply want to save some money on moving costs, consider using common household items to protect your valuables. You can for instance use trash bags to store your clothes or heavy sheets and blankets to protect delicate wood furniture.

Check the truck

Take time to inspect the moving truck as well as the trunk of your car. Be keen on leaks that can damage your valuables as the truck moves. Feel free to request for another truck from the moving company you hired if the one supposed to help you move has several visible leak holes. You can of course, use duct tapes to seal off leaks. For larger leaks however, try to get creative. Make a temporary patch out of cloth or plastic wraps to completely prevent water from leaking into the truck.

Prepare your new home

Take time to prepare your new place before you can move. Use towels or lay rugs on both sides of your front door to keep water and mud from getting onto your floors. Then make sure that you have all utilities if it’s cold outside. That way, you won’t move from one place to another to fetch utilities and in the process, make your living spaces dirty.

Keep safety as top priority

Safety is key as you move especially during the rainy season. Wear proper shoes to prevent slips as you move. All weather sneakers are highly recommended as they are comfortable and have firm grip even on wet surfaces. If you can, try to avoid moving at night when it is raining. The best you can do as far as moving during nighttime is concerned, is to move when it is not raining and visibility is at least average.