Top Moving Tips For Packing Items In Your Garage

Moving to another house requires organizing every little thing that you want to bring with you to your destination. When we say every little thing, that will include items found in your garage. How you wish the entire task will be a whole lot easier like when you pack books and toys of your kids. But the entire idea is not as straightforward as you want it to be. Nonetheless, with the following tips, you can pack items in your garage successfully.

Prepare all packing materials that you need

We know it can be daunting reading this over and over again but you have to take note that this one is crucial in the success of the entire process. Let us review the things you will need in here. Your packing supplies should include moving blankets, packing paper, bubble wraps, cardboard boxes, zip ties, colored markers and plastic re-sealable bags. You can turn to what you have in stock but if you need more, you can ask your movers to provide supplies for you or go to a specialized store to locate all the packing items you might need in the process.

Sort things out

Sorting can be the most tiring part of the entire packing process. The technique to make this task easier is to classify items into useful ones and those you are ready to let go of. In this regard, you can divide the area into two – one for things you will take with you and the other for ones you are ready to leave behind. From there, you can proceed to focusing your thoughts on essential garage items.

Pack accordingly

We have mentioned awhile back the need for cardboard boxes. Make sure you have boxes that are strong enough to carry all the heavy items coming from your garage. Likewise, your bubble wraps should be used to pack those valuable and fragile items found on this part of your home. Moving blankets, on the other hand, can be used to protect your larger items during the move. They can also be used to wrap garden tools with sharp edges. On the other hand, you can use plastic re-sealable bags to pack smaller items. Label all these so it will be easier to locate garden essentials later on when you are in your next home.

Always contact your movers to check if there are garage items that you cannot transport

Yes, certainly there are items you cannot bring with you (or your movers cannot transport for you) during the move. Items like paints, paint thinners, chemicals, car batteries, propane tanks, cleaning supplies, fuels and oils are but some of these ‘forbidden’ items. These are not allowed for safety reasons. Contact your movers to learn more about these items and to check if they have a recommendation as to how these items can be transported in a safer mode.

All in all, these are but some of the basic things you should know when it comes to packing your garden tools and essentials before a move. Contact movers in Waukesha to help you with how to pack and transport such items safely and securely.