Guidelines To Help People With Disabilities Make A Successful Move

Moving to a new place is quite challenging for everyone. Besides finding out about your new homes and packing for the move, saying goodbye to your old friends is another hurdle to jump. But for people with disabilities, there are even bigger challenges involved in relocating. Here are a few guidelines for people with disabilities to make their shifting process less stressful:

Planning ahead is important

It is really important that you inform the regulatory authorities about your change of address so that you may still avail the disability insurance at your new place. Before you move, it is better if you do a bit of research and see what type of facilities will be available in your new home so that you have ample time to do the required paperwork. The city government or the local housing authority would assist you in determining the facilities that you can apply for when moving.

Financial aid can be a big help

Since people with disabilities need more help during the shifting process, there are different organizations that can help with the financial aspects of not only coordinating with reputable movers but also support in packing and unpacking. Before you contact them for assistance, make sure you have worked out what exactly you need assistance for. Whether you need help in hiring movers or cleaners or you need adding accessibility adaptions in your new home.

Check all accessibility needs beforehand

Assess your new home ahead of time or ask someone else to do it for you. Factors like hallway width ease of opening of doors, countertop height and availability of ramps should be checked well ahead of time. In case you are renting a house, you may discuss your needs with your potential landlord and see what sort of modifications can be done.

Look for health care services

Make sure you have the contact numbers of the nearest primary care physicians, emergency care facilities and other specialist you visit regularly. Furthermore, remember to refill your prescriptions before you shift to new home. There will be one less thing to worry.

Organize as you unpack

Most of the reputable moving companies in Milwaukee assist their clients in unpacking as well especially when they have experience in dealing with disable people. Stay with them as they unpack your belongings and ensure they organize your items in a sensible manner so that you do not face any difficulty when they leave. Before they leave your home, take a last look at your place and see if you need any large items to move.

Preparing an overnight bag

It will take a while to completely unpack your items, therefore, it is better if you arrange an overnight bag for yourself that comprise of all your essentials like charging cords of your wheelchair, medications or other equipment. Comfortable clothing is a must to pack in the bag so that you can enjoy a peaceful night in your new home. You can also prepare all those things you might need to keep you comfortable on the car journey as well.