Essential Things You Can Do Before The Move Gets Going


Today there are more people moving around the U.S.A. than before. We are a country in a continuous state of flux. People get new job offers or are promoted to new positions in a new city. Sometimes it is just an upwards move to a better neighborhood. Making a successful and easy move is mostly facilitated by getting an experienced moving company. Here are some things though that you can do by yourself to ensure a smooth and safe move.

When change increases safety

Whenever possible it is a good idea to time things so that your new home is vacant for a few days before you move in. These days can fruitfully be spent to complete some activities that that are best done before the packed boxes arrive at your new home. One of the items is to secure the new home by changing its locks. It is not a nice experience to get burgled the first evening after the move because the keys to the locks on the new home have been held by many who no longer have an interest in securing its contents. Nor would you like to be surprised by the previous residents walking in through the front door.

A new address means informing some agencies

Another activity that should be performed before the big day of moving has to do with assigning the correct name to the new address. Time should be made to contact the post office and to inform them of the address change. This will ensure that important mail will always get to you on time. The time is also ripe to have all the old utilities cancelled and to have the new utilities assigned over to your name. Make sure that the internet service is connected by the time the move arrives so you can invite all and sundry to the housewarming party..

Cleanliness is easier when no-one is around

When the new house is empty it is ideal to prepare it properly. Painting of walls and ceilings is just that much easier if done before the furniture arrives. Look inside the closets and determine if they also need to be painted. There are also the carpets or floors that may need a thorough makeover. If the new home is vacated on the same day that your move is taking place a good idea is to ask your moving company to place your goods in storage to give you the short time to complete sprucing up the new space.

Don’t get caught short

When entering into negotiations with your moving company remember that it will make the move much smoother if you don’t end up with too few boxes. Rather overestimate than having to crush valuable possessions into each other. Follow the advice of your moving company as they have years of experience in boxing goods.

Moving residences can be an exciting experience. Following these points will help to keep you smiling through the move. And those people at the moving company ready with their valuable tips, of course.