3 Mind-Blowing Ways People Are Managing Their Home Move


Every home mover belongs to one of two main groups. People in the first group leave everything to the last minute and then expect the removal firm to simply wave a magic wand and teleport their belongings to their new home. People in the second group have got their home move organized like a SWAT drill and know exactly what they’ll do months in advance. If you are in the first group and want to know the secrets of a successful home move, here are three mind-blowing ways people in this latter group are moving home like a boss.

#1: Moveable Self-Storage

Whether you are a pawn or a king in this world, no amount of money can make home closing dates match up. Even the wealthy need storage while they are getting their underground museum renovated from time to time. Enterprising home movers on a budget are finding a happy medium between budget-priced rat-infested self-storage and ruinously expensive managed storage. They are finding companies who will deliver a self-storage unit to their garden on a truck, let them load it up and then take it away. These sealed units remove the need for all but the smallest removal can and can be either stored or delivered to your new home, even if it’s on the other side of the world. When you want to unpack, simply have your container delivered to your new home and take your belongings out.

#2: Near-Field Communication Tags

You know the drill. You write the contents of each box in illegible scrawl on the top and then bawl like a baby when the box gets put in the wrong room of your new home by the removal company. Enter smart tags. In case you’ve been living in a cave for the past couple of years, Near Field Communication (NFC) is a technology designed to help mobile devices easily receive and share information with the world around them. Enterprising home movers with NFC-enabled phones and a bunch of smart tags are using this same technology to help keep track of what things are in which boxes. Using a free NFC Storage Tag app, smart tags can become rewritable storage tags. Simply photograph each item and enter it in the app to create a list of what’s in the box. After touching the smart tag with their smartphone, the tag acts as the box label. You can find things in the box by touching the tags with your smartphone.

#3: Freecycling Nirvana

If you thought that Freecycle is for wimps who can’t close on eBay and simply give free stuff away, think again. Movers in the know are scoring literally hundreds of dollars of free packing materials in this way. A quick look at the websites of removal firms reveal that firms can charge top dollar for basic tape, paper and moving boxes. Freecycle is the perfect way to connect with people who have recently moved and want packing boxes and other material taken off their hands. If you are planning your home move, search for moving companies that charge a fair rate for packing materials.