How To Choose The Perfect Firm To Move Your Grand Piano

Moving a grand piano is a relatively simple task for professional removal firms. The problem is that unlike an upright piano, grand pianos require much more care and should really only be tackled by experienced firms. Therefore, while many removal firms might tout ‘piano moving’ on their websites, not all of them are up to the task. Here, we’ll walk you through the process of finding the perfect firm for your move.

#1: How Many Years Have You Been In Business?

It’s essential to find an experienced firm to entrust your piano move with. Moving a grand piano requires specialist equipment and the right techniques to prevent damage. An experienced firm will know to wrap the case in non-scratch cloths and how to remove the pedals and legs without damaging the frame.

#2: Are You Insured?


Unlike some items such as sofas, one momentary slip-up can be catastrophic for a piano, especially a grand. Due to the way that the cast iron frame is seated in the wooden case, even a slight drop can not only unseat the frame, it can cause slight warping as well. With over 200 high-tension strings on a grand’s frame, it only takes a small external force to cause irreparable damage. A reputable firm should have general liability insurance to cover against mistakes made by employees.

#3: Are Your Trucks Equipped To Deal With Pianos?

This is the best question to ask to tell the difference between a good company and a specialist one. The best companies will have specially outfitted trucks with padded sides and anchor points. These are essential to prevent the strapped piano from shifting and being jolted during transportation. Grand pianos will be strapped to a board onto of a dolly. This must be secured to prevent movement during transportation. Not only will trained removal staff know exactly how to handle a piano without damaging it, they will have to correct truck required to move it with minimal disruption.

#4: Are You Covered Against Injury Claims?

Due to the weight of the case when it’s strapped and loaded onto a dolly, movers could easily injure themselves. You want to ensure that should this happen on your property, you yourself aren’t held responsible. A reputable firm will have a workers’ insurance policy to cover injury to their staff. Moving a grand piano is a job for three professional movers and you must ensure that the firm you hire has the appropriate coverage. A firm that quotes you a surprisingly low sum may be cutting corners by neglecting to take out the correct coverage.

#5: Do You Have Testimonials?

A professional firm will have all the right equipment and specially-designed trucks with loading gates and anti-vibration interiors. With the right equipment, they have the ability to moves pianos successfully again and again. Most established firms will have customer testimonials to prove their worth. If you want to keep your grand piano in perfect condition, finding a specialist piano mover with proven testimonials is your best bet!