Do You Need Solid Tips For Long Distance Moving?

Long distance moving calls for adequate preparations and putting the best effort to make it successful and even see it run smoothly. You will be required to hire professionals, sort out your items and pack them, discard some items and even prepare your kids mentally. If you are planning to move, just know that long distance moving is not always an easy process. And the preparation itself will take you considerable time. This article has simplified the long distance moving process for you, so read on!

Get a written estimate for the move

It is always very important to get a written estimate for the move because a verbal one isn’t good enough. Make sure that the estimate is in writing showing exactly what the estimate includes and does not include. A reputable company will always make sure that you understand all the terms and conditions within the written estimate clearly.

Understand “First available delivery date”

This is a common term used in the moving industry and it is important that you understand it. Usually, a moving company has the obligation to deliver your property within 30 business days. And this happens on the first available date, a day that you are actually ready to have your items delivered. A moving company will have to coordinate the delivery with this date, so there are no chances of wasted time or more charges. It is also important to understand the accessorial fees that you may be charged during the process. They include shuttle fees, stair fees, bulky article fees and storage fees among others. However, these fees depend on the details of the move.

Adequate insurance cover

Insurance cover is also important especially when it comes to your move. You will be covered for any eventuality. The last thing you want is to lose your property and you don’t know where to start when damage happens. Adequate insurance cover for long distance moving comes handy because you will be covered if something goes wrong during the process.

Research about your new place

Don’t forget to research the new state you are moving to. This will help you know about the laws, people, weather, amenities and other things there prior to the move, so you will be ready to live with them. State government sites can help you in the research on the state you are moving to. Since you will know what to expect, you will also be able to prepare your kids mentally about the new place. Kids are affected the most especially if they find that things are done different to what they are used to.

Your food stock

It is time to run down the stuff in your freezer. You cannot move frozen food long distance, can you? Cut down on food supplies especially if the moving day is approaching. Failure to do so will see you end up with wastage.

A good sorting out is pertinent

Sort out your items to avoid taking things you no longer need. Moving helps you to sift through your items and pull those you don’t use any more. Some items such as ‘legacy systems’ are hard to discard, but if you no longer use them, it is time to do away with them. You also do this to cut down on the load and save your moving costs. The more items you are moving, the higher the moving costs will be. You can also earn some extra cash if you arrange a garage sale. Some items can also find their way in a local charity, but they have to be usable items anyway. Put these items in a donation box.


If you are moving to a new state on a temporary basis, why not store some of your stuff in a storage facility? You don’t have to bring everything with you to the new place. For your information, you will save money if you choose to rent a storage unit. Some moving companies offer onsite storage, so you may want to take advantage of this.

Using a professional long distance moving company

As the moving day approaches, make sure that you do not simply recruit family and friends to help you in the moving process instead of a professional long distance moving company. Since moving is a tricky process, you want to work with a professional mover you can trust in the process, from taking inventory and packing to delivery and unpacking.

At Five Star Movers, we understand how important it is to handle your items with care from your current place to your new home across states. We can provide packing boxes to ensure that the packing task is handled with ease. We also offer expert advice to our clients especially on all things that are required to make the moving process a successful one. Contact us today, we will be more than happy to work with you!