What to Look for in a Local and Long Distance Mover

Moving out of your old apartment to a new one is a mammoth task; whether the shift is to a new office or a new apartment or even to whole new country. The crucial point about moving is to get all your belongings which at times may include furniture to whole new place; and therefore, you need professionals to help you out with the process. And the main aim is to move without having your belongings like crystal vases or cutlery shattered. The things need to reach the correct destination fully intact and without being lost in transit. With all the other aspects of shifting that require your attention, the best way to ensure things run smoothly is by hiring professionals who can make your shift a rather easy procedure. Now the first thing about hiring such services is to know if the shift is a short distance or a long distance one. The short distance moves are comparatively easier since they essentially span the same metro area or even a little further out.  However, the long distance shifts are the ones which deal with moving out of a city, a state or even the country.

Therefore, with that in mind you need to opt for a local or long distance mover. Now, if you are going for a long distance mover because you need to move out of the country, then you need to understand what services such an organization provides. Long distance movers provide the following services:

1. Packing and unpacking your belongings:
The long distance movers will come to your apartment and pack all your belongings under supervision. They will pack every single item you have and make sure they are loaded into the truck properly so that there is no damage to your belongings. And once your things reach your new place, they will personally send people over and help you unpack them at your new place as well.

2. Temporary storage when required:
On countless occasions the place you are shifting to is not ready by the promised due date, that usually poses a problem when you have a truckload of belongings waiting at the doorstep waiting to be received. However, fortunately long distance packers and movers are equipped to provide you with storage facilities should you need it when your new office or apartment is not available to you.

3. Vehicular transport:
Without having a proper team of professionals, it is difficult to get your belongings delivered to the correct address. Fortunately, the long distance delivery service provides car or truck facilities to help you move your shipment to your new place. It is a daunting prospect to transfer fifty to sixty fragile boxes to a new place without help.

4. Protection of your belongings:
The long distance movers offer complete protection for your belongings and they also offer insurance for the individual pieces, during the move. Therefore, if there is any damage to even one little piece they are bound to compensate for it. They are fully responsible for the quality of the things and they try their best to maintain them in the condition in which they had been retrieved in the first place.

5. Interstate transport licensing:
Long distance moving companies should have their proper licenses for shifting material across state lines and they should have legal documentation in compliance with all federal, state and local regulations.

The services offered by the short distance mover may not be this varied, but the move will require less time since the distance covered is equally less. The services offered have been listed below:

1. Short distance moving only:
Short distance movers are only allowed to move the belongings within the state or city since usually they are not equipped with the legal documentation for making long distance moves. Therefore, they can only move your belongings with the state or city at most, unless they have the legal documents to do long distance moves.

2. Faster moves:
Since short distance moves involve moving the belongings within the state or city, it does not take much time and thus the moves are faster.

3. Pre packaging of fragile items:
The movers are to pack all the fragile items, usually the ones made of crystal or glass like vases, crockery and picture frames before the rest.

4. Storage may not be available:
Some local movers do not offer storage facilities since they expect the job to be done quickly taking a maximum of  few days.

5. Easier to locate customer care services:
Sine, the move happens within a city or state it is relatively easy to spot the customer care services in case of any problem that the customer might face.

6. Auto transportation is usually not available:
A local mover is merely delivering your belongings from point A to point B in the fastest and safest manner possible. They may provide you with towing services, but they usually expect you to drive your own car to reach your new apartment or office.