Keeping Your Sense Of Humor Alive When Moving

Nobody can deny the fact that moving to a new place is a hard pill to swallow. There are some experts that claim that shifting your home is one of the hardest thing an individual experiences in his life. While there are some people who show excitement for their new home, there still exists a group that barely survived a move. There are also some people who have moved to a new home a number of times due to their job requirement. They are the ones who have really mastered the art of move and know how to keep themselves calm and relax while shifting. They cheer, laugh and crack jokes instead of crying at the moving madness.

If you are one of those who do not like the sound of shifting to a new place, you will surely find the following tips useful. These tips are meant to teach people how to keep a smile on their faces and laugh as they pack their stuff in boxes and bubble wrap their items.

• Every move needs a jester

If you keep yourself depressed and low from the thought of shifting to a new place, your kids will not show excitement as well. They will feel low and might start questioning you because of the uncertainty that has started prevailing in their minds. There are some kids who start telling their parents that their life will be ruined and they will be held responsible for it. Rather going through all this crap, it is very important that you convince everybody in home that moving to the new place will be an exciting experience. Tell them that it would be more like an adventure.

Being a parent, you have to ignore the daggers coming from their eyes and ask them to enjoy the little adventures come on their way. Once your family is at ease, you will get a chance to laugh when you discover that the conditioner bottle has broken and has spoiled your nine bed sheets. Your children will enjoy the feeling when they could not find their shoes on their first day at school. As you enjoy these little moments, you will recover from the shifting trauma soon.

• Not laughing means you will surely cry

There are some people who shift to a new place under a very stressful environment. Coping with an unending stress is a difficult and a challenging task. The best thing to do to fight with this experience is to use the Law of Opposites. The more stressful your move, the more goofy you should get. The experts claim that it is better to just take deep breaths and laugh on the unexpected moments you encounter during your shifting.

Busting a vein will not do any good. If you force yourself to laugh through the tense moments, it will get you through the roughest spots well before you even realize it. There might be a chance that you have to wait for two days to get your television operated. Rather mourning and cursing the administration, take it as an opportunity to enjoy some family moments together. Time will fly and you will soon be watching your favorite sitcom together.

• Hang around with cheerful and happy people

In order to stay positive and keep your sense of humor during a move means that you should not let anybody bring you down. When you feel that your shifting has become a bit edgy, keep an eye on those who surround you. While you are moving, it is highly important that you refrain yourself from meeting people with negative attitude. It quite common to have a few neighbors who begin to tear up the moment you discuss your move date with them.

Just avoid them to maximum and do not interact with people who have no sense of humor. These are the people who will just make your life tense and miserable. The going-away parties and farewells should always be a positive affair. If you find someone who begins to drone on about the things you will miss, simply pop his helium balloon.

• Maxim and mantras

Shifting is more like a competitive sport. Hence seeking tips and advices from athletes and others is not a bad option. You can look for cartoons, quotes, funny videos online for a jolt of inspiration. They will surely improve your mood and lift your spirits. Keep a note or a reminder on your headboard or any other place which you use most frequently to remind yourself to stay strong. Keep telling yourself that this time shall pass and you will be laughing on it someday. This is the only way you can get through this moving hassle.

Once you follow the above mentioned tips, you will surely find it easier to move to a new place. It is very important that you keep your nerves relaxed as you move because there will be a lot more to be done in the new house!