How To Help Your Pets Enjoy A Stress Free Move

While you can explain to your family, small children included, that a move is coming up, you don’t have the same choice with your pets. You should start preparing at the end point, that means that you should ensure that the new home you are moving to, an apartment or house, is pet-friendly. Let us assume that you have found a perfect place that will suit the needs of your family as well as your pets, do you know how to make sure that they will “survive” the move in the best way possible?

Getting ready for the day of the move

Moving home is stressful for everyone and that includes your pets. Let them sleep in bed, take your dog for walks and make sure that there is plenty of play time and that they can enjoy their favorite food and snacks before the move. Doing this will make your pets stay in good spirits and get them into a better condition ready for the move. During the moving process, the pets often get forgotten and this can risk that they feel neglected and unloved; this can lead to bad behavior and undue stress.

Secure storage

Many stories have circulated of pets that have run away from their existing home as the family and the removal team are clearing the home. The familiar furniture that the pets associate with a secure place to be gets progressively removed. The pet’s natural reaction to all this confusion is flight. You may not notice that your pet has gone missing until it is time to leave, at this point you will be in real trouble, so don’t risk it.

Keep the pets in a secure room until it is time to prepare them to be loaded up. Close the door and make sure no one enters including the Milwaukee movers you have hired by putting a clear notice on the door saying “No Entry”. Make sure this room does not contain any nooks and crannies that your cat can hide away in. Load them into their pet carriers in this room and take them directly to their transport for instant departure.

On the move tactics

Depending on the amount of time your move to your new home will take, you need to have a well-rehearsed travel plan. Pets very often refuse to eat or even drink while they are stressed when travelling. Make sure you are carrying all their special treats to encourage them to eat. Make sure you have a leash for your pets do that you can let them stretch their legs at a rest area on the road, set out some food and water so that they can refresh themselves before you set out again.

If you decide that you are going to give your pet a sedative for the trip, you should understand that this can kill their appetite and can cause them to become thirsty and dehydrated. We highly advise against this, unless you have a special situation at hand.

If your pet is still not eating properly once you have moved into your new home, it will make good sense to book an appointment with a vet in your new location. All in all, if you care for your pets, understand that the pet is going to affect them in some ways or another. Give them lots of attention and love before, during, and after the moving so that they can get used to the new place in no time.