Wondering How To Pack Right For The Move?

How you are going to pack your items is a very important factor in making sure your stuff is transported safely. You should note that failure to prepare yourself properly can be a source of unneeded stress in your move. A moving company can help you in packing but if you feel you can do it yourself, then the following simple packing tips can help you pack like a professional.

Allow appropriate time for packing

Prior to the moving day, allow appropriate time for yourself. On average each box may take about thirty minutes to pack. Start with items that you don’t use frequently and finish with those that are used frequently.

Pack appropriately for the box

You should note that smaller boxes are intended for heavier items such as books, while larger ones are for the lighter items like linens and blankets.

Use packing tape


Packing tape is one tool you cannot ignore when packing your items. These items may go a long distance so don’t just interlock the top of the boxes. Make sure to tape the top and bottom of your boxes and double for the heavier boxes.

Think like grocery store baggers

Sometimes you may want to pack heavy items and lighter ones in one box. In this case, heavy items should be placed at the bottom of the box.

Pack on padded surface

When packing sensitive items, it is proper to do it on a padded surface like a pile of blankets to provide a cushion in case you slip.

Select boxes wisely

There are many box options to help you pack different kinds of items; not just the standard moving box. For instance, you can go for the China boxes because they are great for dishes and have reinforced walls to add extra security for all sensitive items. Wardrobe boxes are the most ideal for your clothing as they let you hang clothes instead of folding them. It is prudent to familiarize yourself with box options when packing your items in order to keep your move efficient.

Use packing paper

Most people make the mistake of using newspaper to pack everything. Unlike newspaper, the packing paper does not smudge ink on your items. It is great for porous items like the lampshades.

Mark your boxes

Once the boxes have been packed, take time to mark them especially if they are going into storage. This will make it easy for you when you need them later.

Separate your boxes

If there are any boxes you might need immediately you arrive at your destination, it is proper to separate them from the rest. These boxes should be loaded last on the truck so that they can be unloaded quicker when you arrive at the destination.

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