Tips For Safely Moving Your Flat Screen TV


Many people spend a lot of money on high end flat screen TVs for entertainment these days. This means that when it comes to moving, it’s important for them to do so in such a manner that the risk of losing the TV is minimized. One of the most important ways to do this is by simply making sure that you are careful when packing the TV. Rather than just put the TV in a box and throw it in a truck, there are a few issues you might need to address to make sure that it’s always safe. Some of these include:

Try to pack it in its original box

One of the best ways of packing a TV when you want to move is in its original box. This is especially so when you have the insulation for the TV. Most of these are designed to fit the TV snugly, which means that the risk of moving about and damaging the TV are minimal. This also means that when you buy your TV for the first time, it would be wise to keep the original packaging for when you need to move it again.

Use specialized packing equipment

There are times when you might not have the original packaging with you. In such cases, you would need to get special packaging for the TV, rather than simply use an old box. This is where you are likely to reap the benefits of using a moving service from a company that is of high quality. Most of them have all manner of packaging that they can offer, including that for a flat screen TV. This means that when you are choosing a moving company, you would need to find one that also offers packing services as well. They are likely to come in handy for this.

Avoid stacking

This is an obvious tip that some people tend to ignore, and for which they end up paying heavily. As much as possible, you should avoid stacking other items on top of the TV, as this places too much strain on it. If you have to put anything on top of the TV when transporting it, it’s a good idea to ensure that it’s not too heavy, and that it’s placed on top of the TV while the screen is facing down. This way, the risk of the panel breaking is minimized.

Consider getting extra insurance specifically for the TV

There are some moving companies that will offer you extra insurance when you want to move such a TV. This typically costs less than $50, and is more than worth it especially when you have an expensive TV. You should therefore try to find out if they offer such a service so that you can take advantage of it.

Try to transport it in the upright position

Most of such TVs are designed in such a manner as to be used while upright. When putting your household goods in a truck, you should try to pack it this way, rather than making it lie on its back or on the screen. This also reduces the risk of damaging the panel.