Three Killer Tips To Make Your Home Move Cheaper, Cleaner And Quicker!

Moving home can really take its toll on your emotions. You’re excited to be moving to your dream home but it’s easy to dwell on the happy memories you shared with friends and family in your old place. We have years of experience in successfully moving folks around the country as quickly and affordably as possible so we want to share with you out killer tips for making your home cheaper, cleaner and quicker!

Drive Down Costs


There are numerous ways to drive down the costs of a move and we know that professional removal firms aren’t always affordable. We’ve noticed that folks who move for less are successful at sifting through their unused items before they move and either donating them or turning them into cash by selling them online. They not only get some cash to offset the cost of moving their valuable possessions, they drastically reduce the clutter. The less you have to move, the cheaper your move will be!

Another way that moving home costs people more than they budgeted for is when the closing dates don’t match and they need storage. If you’re moving interstate, the smart money is on finding a removal firm that gives you up to a month’s free storage for your belongings. Not just self-storage mind you, but expensive managed storage where all the work is done for you and your valuables are kept in climate controlled premises, with regular inspections and contents insurance to keep them safe!

Move Into A Cleaner Home

The period before you’ve moved into your new home is the ideal time to tackle decorating, repairs and of course cleaning. It can be well worth planning to use managed storage to give yourself time to set up your new home. Even if you have no free time, the sensible thing to do is to hire a professional cleaning firm to give your entire home a once-over in under a day. Even if nothing more than getting the carpets washed or the walls cleaned, taking this step is far easier before you move furniture in.

Move Home Quicker


We’ve already mentioned selling unused items for extra cash and lower moving fees. You can extend this principal to not only move for less, but to find a buyer for your home in less time as well. Many homeowners call us up to ask for quotes on large or unusual items such as built-in home theatre systems or jet-skis. We can handle anything, but it’s worth thinking whether you could offer items to incentivize buyers, especially if you have no need or use for them in your new home. Built-in furniture or large items are expensive and time-consuming to move and may add more in value to your home than they cost to buy. It’s a great marketing tactic to advertise a home with additional benefits or features. You stand to sell your home sooner … and for more!

Call us today for a no-obligation quote and see what we can offer you. You won’t be disappointed!