Do You Know What The Biggest Moving Mistakes To Avoid Are?

Since you are faced with dozens of tasks that need to be accomplished in a very short period, chances are high that you too can make mistakes during the moving process. Although some mistakes turn out to be minor, there are others whose implications are long term. Moving requires preparedness as well as planning in order to make it a smooth process. And if you don’t know where to start, it is prudent to work with professionals in the moving process. Below are the worst moving mistakes you should avoid:

Too little time for packing

It is common for people to underestimate the amount of time needed to pack at home; therefore they will have too little time left to complete their packing process. The implication is that they will experience a mad rush to get everything done in time for the moving truck. And this comes with stress especially if things are not done right and when some goods get damaged. You can avoid this mistake by allowing about five hours per room and packing the most cluttered rooms first. It is possible to complete packing some rooms faster than that, so you can scale back the schedule as long as there is time to complete all the packing.

Not finding the right kind of help

During the move, you will need help from friends and relatives, but recruiting the wrong type of help or assigning them wrong types of tasks is a big mistake. In fact, doing this will make the moving process go slower and get complicated. Even if the recruits look healthy and energetic, make sure that they have the ability to handle things with care. You don’t want to end up frustrated or wind up doing lot of wok yourself, so recruit those who meet the profile of good volunteers. A professional mover will help in major tasks once you are ready for the move.

Not labeling boxes and the content

Since packing process takes time, people think they will save time by skipping the process of itemizing and cataloging boxes and their contents. Yes, you will save time by not labeling the boxes, but how much time will you waste looking for stuff at the new place? Remember you are faced by a sea of boxes and this can cause enormous upset especially when settling in. Professionals advise that the boxes should be marked at the top and on the sides with some abbreviation of the room and the content. This will narrow down the search of items in the boxes when settling in a new place.

Not packing items safely

Since everyone is in a hurry to get everything packed, they stack things together including the fragile items. Packing correctly will require enough time so as to reduce the number of things that may get ruined. That fragile item is a huge investment; you cannot afford to have it damaged in the name of rush. Fragile items should be packed in heavy duty boxes and make sure that the boxes are marked with the “fragile” label. Professionals will help you in the process if you are not sure where to start.

Insuring the move incorrectly

There are cases where people under-insure or over-insure their items for a move. Don’t make the mistake of insuring incorrectly; you may end up in financial woes or frustrated. And if you choose to pack items in the boxes yourself, the moving insurance may exclude them. It is prudent to check with your insurance company to find out if your homeowners’ policy can cover the move and if they have an alternative coverage policy that will work for your move. Also, go for full replacement value especially for those items you need replaced if they are destroyed or damaged. Don’t forget to document when packing; ensure that you include some specifics like serial number, manufacturer and so forth.

Hiring the wrong movers

First timers are the most hit when hiring movers. They hire wrong movers especially when on budget. You should note that scams are too frequent in many businesses and moving is no exception. Don’t rush for the first and cheapest mover you come across, they may end up holding your goods hostage until you fetch more money. And the extra money you pay may not have been reflected in the quote. It is advisable to ask for quotes from a reputable mover who has been in the business for long. You can even ask friends if they know of any.

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