Important Things to Note When Moving Antiques Over Long Distances

The process of moving your valuable antiques and collectives across long distances is understandably fraught with danger. The risk of loss or damage is high, especially if the company handling the move does not understand their value. You can, however, move antiques without worrying by following these simple tips:

Packaging the items

If our wish to do the packaging yourself, remember to use high quality packaging material that will protect your valuable antiques. This includes high quality foam wrap and other packaging material that will protect your antiques from accidental damage. Investing on such material will save you much more money down the line in restoration costs or even loss of value due to damages caused by poor quality wrapping material.

Get the right manpower

If you are doing the move yourself, ensure that you have the right number of people to lift and carry the items. Most slippages and breakages happen because of inadequate manpower. Depending on the weight of the item, ensure that you have the right number of people to easily lift and carry the items to avoid damaging your antique

Get the right vehicle

Depending on how you wish to move your antique, ensure that there is enough space on the mode of carriage for your antique to fit without damaging it. It might also be necessary to pad the points of contact between the item and the vehicle to prevent damage when the car is in motion.

Make sure the labels are done properly

If your antiques are pack in boxes, ensure that the boxes are properly labelled with clear indication of which side goes up and if the item in the box is fragile or not. Remember that the people helping you move might not fully understand the items they are carrying and so the labels help them to know how to handle your antiques. Not having labels might lead to improper handling resulting in damage to your valuable antiques. Remember that the labels must also include instructions on how to offload the antiques at the point of destination.

Use professionals to move your antiques

At the end of the day, your antiques are valuable and any damage or loss will have serious consequences to you. This is especially true if they are family heirlooms and thus impossible to match their sentimental value with a price tag. If this is the case, it might be a wiser decision to invest in professional movers in Milwaukee. Professional movers will have the right tools, packaging material and more important, experience to handle your valuable antiques. With so much at stake, your best bet when moving valuable antiques is to invest in a professional moving company.

Insure your belongings

There’s a lot that can happen when your antiques are being loaded on the moving van and by the time they reach their final destination. You need to understand that moving is a high risk industry and therefore, it is wise to get proper insurance coverage for your expensive antique artefacts. Decide whether you will purchase full-value coverage or get a basic coverage. If you are not sure which insurance coverage best suits you, ask the moving company to explain the difference before you make a decision.

All in all, moving your valuable antiques and collectibles across long distances need not be a tedious experience. Proper planning and care will ensure that your valuable antiques arrive at their destination in exactly the same state as they were at the beginning of the journey. What you should ultimately know is that when dealing with such valuable items, working with a professional moving company might just be the smartest decision.