How to Pack and Move Odd Shaped Items like A Pro

When preparing to move, most people think in terms of boxes – rectangular or square cardboard boxes. Nevertheless, there are many household items and objects that are not as regular. Irregular and oddly shaped items include round, cylindrical, triangular and unusually long items. If you are wondering how you will manage to pack and move items that fall in either of those categories, here are a few solutions that can help to protect them when you move:

Round items and objects

These include things such as car tires and wheels, footballs, etc. Such items shouldn’t be moved without a suitable packaging container. This may be a strong plastic container or cardboard box in which the item fits properly without bulging out at the sides. You should wrap the item with a flexible internal packaging material such as Kraft paper, bubble wrap or polyethylene foam sheeting before placing it inside the box.

Once the item is placed in the box, you can fill the extra space with an internal cushioning material to prevent the item from sliding or moving around inside the box during transit. You should also place some cushioning material at the bottom of the box so that the item becomes fully suspended inside the box.

Cylindrical items

This includes items or objects such as carpet rolls, posters, and tubes. Such items can be a bit tricky to pack. If the item that you intend to move is small, you should wrap it in a flexible internal packaging material such as Kraft paper, polyethylene foam sheeting, or bubble wrap before placing it inside a box. Ensure that you place the item on top of a suitable cushioning material. In case the cylindrical object is hollow and fragile, it is advisable that you place cushioning material inside the hollow space.

Unusually long items

Car bumpers and fishing rods are some of the items that fall under this category. The longer the item, the more fragile its mid section becomes, and the more risk there is for it to snap or break during transit. In case you intend to use a courier service to transport such items, it would be wise to check out the restrictions they may have on the maximum length they can handle.

To avoid breakages for those items that are unusually long, it is important that you first note where the halfway points between the middle and each end are. These points are fragile and therefore they need support, cushioning and bracing. You should then cover the whole item in a thick layer of bubble wrap, and then wrap an additional thick layer of bubble wrap around each of the fragile points and ends.


Furniture is not only irregular, but most pieces are large and heavy. These include beds, tables, sofas, upholstered chairs, bookcase and mattresses, among others. Before deciding on how you can protect these items, it would be best to take a few minutes to examine them to find out if they can be taken apart or dismantled. You can then wrap them nicely before placing them inside the moving van.

The best way to ensure that all your items are safe when moving is to hire a reputable moving company. You should talk to them about the large and irregular items that you may have, and get to know how they will be placed in the moving van. These professionals have vast experience with good packing and placement of such goods, so you can leave all the heavy footwork to them!