How to Achieve the Perfect Moving Day

I recently moved home, and needed to organize all my belongings being moved to another house. I had only ever done this once before, but my mother was a serial house mover, so I had a lot of experience carting boxes about. From past experience, I knew that leaving everything to chance could result in a catastrophe. That is why, before this move, I decided to be more organized about things. My move went seamlessly, from canceling utilities, to unpacking, the day was a complete success. Below I have written some of the things I did, and hope they will help you with any move you may make in the future.

A Moving Book

This was a tip a friend of mine gave to me, and I will be sure to buy her a present for the idea. I bought a ledger, and listed everything that needed doing in it. I went through the list with my family, to make sure that I hadn’t forgotten anything that concerned them, and put the list into chronological order.Each, and everything that needed be done had a “To be done by” date next to it, and phone numbers were noted too. The book was prepared weeks before the move, and as the moving day approached it became my bible. This is a great tip if you are moving, and will ensure everythingis in order before the move.

A Moving Company


One of the things in my book was to find a suitable moving company, and this needed to be done in advance. I narrowed my search down on the internet, and then rang a few companies to ask some questions. I requested details of insurances, types of transport, how many people they would need to bring, and costs. I finally had 2 companies come to talk with me at my property. The one I chose was very helpful, giving lots of advice and information; they even brought insurances and references for me to look at. This company was a Godsend, and saved my family lots of hard work. They even had a look at my bible to see if they could take some of my load off me. Using the company made the move incredibly efficient, and meant that I could just oversee the move itself.

Packing Boxes

The moving company offered to pack for me, but I wanted to take charge of this particular task. They did though sell me some packing boxes of various sizes. All boxes were labeled prior to packing, and color coded. Different types of items, indifferent color boxes, for different rooms. I made a log of each box and where it was to be placed in the new house, and gave it to the moving company. This was a great idea. On the day all the boxes went to the relevant rooms, and things could be unpacked in an orderly manner. If you organize your packing, unpacking is easy.

My move went perfectly, and I will always use this method in the future. If you want to enjoy a stressless move, perhaps you should use these tips too.