How Google Can Sort Out Your Moving Issues For You

No matter how we look at it, Google has made life easy for many people who are conversant with the internet. This kind of technology was unheard of until just a few years ago. Today, having a Google account is close to literally having an office on your phone, tab or iPad, as you can do a whole lot just by accessing your account. That’s not all – you can be assisted by Google do much more than office work, and one way it can help you out is when you are just about to move.

We all are aware of the difficulty there is in shifting your items from one location to the other, considering the sensitivity of the process. You will need quite a bit of organization to have it all figured out, and in the end, depending on how well organized you are, you items will arrive at the new location with minimal interference or breakages. Google has found ways to assist you shift, and here are a few of the tools it has come up with.

Your Gmail Account


Your Gmail account is not just a portal to receive and send mail, unlike what we have been accustomed to. Today’s advanced Google account is a great place to fish out information about the best moving company in your vicinity, and find a quick way to filter through the many companies that appear as options. In addition, this will be your starting point in doing quick electronic communication to these companies to help you in the process.

The Google Calendar

Your calendar, found conveniently on your account, is yet another great assistant while you are moving. You will notice that the process is flooded with schedules, appointments, deadlines and commitments that need some form of tracking to have it end as successfully as possible. Google calendar assists you with these commitments and helps you stay on top of things. As it can easily synchronize the data from your laptop to your smartphone, the calendar provided you a mobile-friendly solution to set the right dates for the move.

Google Drive

This section of your account is one of the best and most convenient file storage systems you can access this century. While you can be able to access files from your tablet or smartphone, Google Drive allows you to store great volumes of these files on cloud memory. Take advantage of this tool and use it to store contracts, paperwork, lists and other important moving documents. What’s more, you can use Drive as a document creation platform. From wherever you are, you can think and put it down on paper through Google Drive.

Google Maps

This may easily be named as the people’s favorite Google tool. As we know, you will never get lost in this world if you have some form of internet access. Maps will help either you or your assigned moving company to plan the easiest route from the old to the new location. You will also have a digital view of convenience stores, hotels, gas stations, hospitals and other important places you will want to know after you have moved to your new location.

5 Star Movers can help you move!

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