5 Brilliant Benefits Of Using A Moving Service


When you have just bought a house, one of the least enjoyable stages of the whole process is the moving stage, when you have to pack and unpack all of your possessions in a day. Instead of trying to move everything yourself, you should hire a moving service to help you prepare for your big day as they can save you valuable time and money. This article will outline some of the brilliant benefits of hiring a moving service when you are about to move to your new home.


One of the most obvious benefits of using a moving service is that they will provide a transport vehicle for all of your possessions. You can usually hire either one large truck to fit everything in, or a few smaller trucks to segregate your possessions. Some people even hire a truck for each room so that they can organise everything efficiently and effectively.


If you have to move all of your possessions out of your old house, but your new house is not ready for you yet, then some moving companies will provide you with a storage service. This means you can hold your possessions in a safe and secure space until your house is ready for you to move into. This will save you a lot of hassle and time because you won’t have to shop around to find somewhere to store your goods.


One benefit of using a moving service is that the people you hire can offer you some great tips on how to make the move a quicker and easier task than you ever imagined. They will usually do this kind of work on a daily basis, so they are bound to be experts in their field. If you are struggling with finding ways to safety box up your china collection, or simply need a new way to stack your chairs, a member of the team will be sure to help you with any query you may have.

Door to door service

Many moving companies offer a door to door service where they will move your possessions onto the truck, and even unload them at the other end. This gives you the valuable time you need to make sure you have packed everything and haven’t forgotten the cat!

Unpacking / packing

Most moving services will also provide you with a packing and unpacking service. For an additional fee, they will help you pack all of your goods into boxes, load them onto the truck, unload them at the location of your new house, and then even help you unpack your boxes ready to put into the right room. This is a fantastic service that will save you so much stress and time. It is definitely well worth the extra money!

There are so many other benefits to hiring a moving service than mentioned in this article. They can help with organisational skills, teach you how to correctly pack up fragile items and much more. Next time you take the plunge and move to a new house, hire a moving service for a much more pleasurable experience.