3 Stressful Times We Can Help Ourselves


We live in a world that seems to be overflowing with anxiety and stress. A world where psychiatrists and pharmaceutical companies are making fortunes curing the symptoms of sufferers around the world. Wouldn’t it be better to understand what is causing the stress and then try to control that situation instead? Easing the causes of stress seems such a good idea, but we need to know the situations to avoid and control first. To help you with this I have made a list of the most common causes of stress for people.

Losing a Job

This is a very difficult situation for most people, and is one where controlling the stress can be very difficult. However, if you understand which people feel the less stress when losing their job you have an insight into how to control the stress itself. If you are highly trained, have a unique skill set, or don’t care about your job you will feel little stress when losing your employment. Here lies the way to control it, the realization that a different job could be around the corner. Think less about the work you have lost and more about the new opportunities you may find, in this way you can think of the positives rather than the negatives.


It is a sad fact that some people enjoy the divorce procedure and the bitterness that sometimes ensues. For most people though it is a stressful time; and that is even true for the injured party. There may be children involved, or a property, and there is the feeling that you could be alone for the first time in many years. To avoid the stress of a divorce you need to consider all of these points first, and how you will handle them when the time is near. Plan all the separate aspects of your divorce from the outset; this will make the procedure much easier to cope with.

Moving Home

Considering that moving house should be a happy time and that it could signify a new job or family member, moving home is actually a very stressful time for most of us. There is often an old house to be sorted and packed into various bags and boxes, and there is the unpacking and organization at the other end to cope with too. There may be the worry of new jobs, schools and neighbors, while your children could be upset at leaving their friends and school to start afresh. Moving is demanding both mentally and physically, but it can be handled in a way to reduce that stress. If you employ a good moving company they can take the stress out of packing and unpacking, and will organize the logistics for you too. People who use moving companies are far less stressed than those who have to cope with family issues as well as the practicalities of a move, and this is a great way to reduce any anxiety.

These three occasions contribute massively to the stress felt by us all, but with the correct planning and organization the stress they bring can be significantly reduced. If you feel under heavy stress you will need some kind of help, but if you want to reduce the possibility of stress you can do that on your own; as these examples show.